Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of common crushers based on impact

  The mechanical crushing method is a widely used crushing method. The stages written in the crushing process are divided into: coarse crushing crusher, medium crushing crusher, and fine crushing crusher. Among the commonly used types of crushers, impact crushers and hammer crushers are machines that mainly crush brittle materials by impact, so they are often called impact crushers.

   The crushing methods of the two types of crushers are both crushing. The difference is that in the impact crusher, the material is crushed after more repeated impacts, which has the characteristics of high-frequency impact. The crushing ratio of the two types of crushers is very large, which is suitable for crushing brittle materials.

   1. The crushing ratio is large. Impact crushers (referring to impact crushers and hammer crushers) have a crushing ratio of more than 50, while jaw crushers, cone crushers and roller crushers can hardly exceed 20. Therefore, in the occasions that need single-stage crushing, such as limestone crushing in the cement industry, impact crushers are very common.

  2, the product particles are good. Under the action of impact, the material to be crushed is often broken along its most fragile level. This selective crushing method has a higher probability that the particles are in the shape of a cube, so the percentage of needle-like pieces of the impact crusher product can be lower than 10%, while the percentage of needle flakes in jaw crushers, cone crushers and roller crushers will be higher than 15%.

   Where cube particles are needed. For example, the non-slip pavement of high-grade highways usually uses impact crushers as final crushing equipment to produce concrete aggregates. However, the working principle of these two crushers also has certain defects. Since the impact crusher uses the principle of impact to crush materials, its striking parts, such as hammers, plate hammers, and impact plates, wear very quickly during use. This kind of defect will limit the scope of application of impact crushers for a long time. It can only be used for the crushing of medium-hard materials. However, with the application of new wear-resistant materials, hard rock impact crushers have been introduced to break this limitation.

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