Crusher detection and operation control method

  1. Overview of crusher A crusher is a device that uses a certain mechanism to crush large materials into small pieces by one or several force methods. It is a general-purpose equipment widely used in industrial production. According to its working principle, process characteristics and structure, the crusher can be divided into jaw crusher, impact crusher, roller crusher and impact crusher according to working principle and product performance.

   2. Crusher load detection It is a beneficiation test technology to detect the actual amount of ore passing through the crushing cavity of the crusher instantaneously. The load of the crusher affects the particle size and energy consumption of the crushed product, and also affects the normal operation of the crusher, so the crusher load should be detected in time.

   3. Crusher discharge port detection Crusher discharge port detection is also one of the contents of the beneficiation test technology. The purpose of this test is to adjust and control the size of the crusher's discharge port in time, so as to effectively control the size of the crushed product and reasonably balance the load of each section of the crusher.

   Four. Crusher and process control

  1. Sequence control of crusher and auxiliary equipment;

  2, automatic control of removing metal objects;

  3. Automatic control of ore bin material level;

  4. Automatic control of mining trolley;

  5. Automatic adjustment of the crusher discharge outlet;

  6. ​​Load control of crusher;

   7. Multi-stage crusher load and discharge port control.

   V. Crusher mathematical model The crusher mathematical model is a mathematical expression that describes the quantitative relationship between the crusher's discharge and feed size characteristics. In the crusher, the material is discharged after a short stay in the crushing cavity, so the crushing process can be regarded as a static process, which can be described by a matrix model independent of time.

   VI. Crushing efficiency Crushing efficiency is a quantitative index for evaluating the technological performance of the crusher and the crushing process. It can guide the determination of crushing process parameters, select the best working system, improve the structural parameters and design of the crusher, and determine the adoption of new technologies.

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