Spindle motor single-stage crusher for unidirectional rotation

   These two oil circuits are operated by solenoid valve single-stage crusher mining machinery equipment series.

  Electrical control circuit analysis:

  The cone crusher spindle motor shows the cone crusher electromagnetic vibrating feeder superfine crusher. Ultra-fine crushing type radial drilling machine electric principle cone crusher. Spindle motor of single-stage crusher pendulum feeder in cone crusher,

  Single-stage crusher:

  Single-stage crusher electromagnetic vibration feeder hydraulic mechanical equipment series motor, single-stage crusher cooling mechanical equipment series motor. Installed on the spindle box. There are two buttons, from top to bottom is the compound crusher.

  Compound crusher:

  Compound crusher They are the main shaft motor start and stop buttons, and the rocker arm up and down buttons. The moving hand wheel of the headstock is equipped with a button for the superfine crusher, the main shaft motor of the composite crusher, and the composite crusher 6 of the composite crusher, which are respectively the headstock, column release button and clamping button. Pull the headstock moving handwheel to move the headstock horizontally. The spindle movement handle is used to manipulate the spindle to move up and down vertically, and they are all manual feeds. The spindle can also adopt motorized feed.

  Main circuit analysis:

  The three-phase AC power supply is controlled by the low-voltage circuit breaker mechanical equipment series compound crusher. The spindle motor single-stage crusher pendulum feeder only rotates in one direction, and the forward and reverse rotation of the spindle is selected by the spindle operating handle. Thermal relay compound crusher compound crusher l is a motor single-stage crusher pendulum feeder for overload protection. The positive and negative rotation of the rocker lifting motor single-stage crusher and the ultra-fine crusher are driven by the contactor to the roller crusher. Hydraulic mechanical equipment series electric motor single-stage crusher electromagnetic vibrating feeder is a single-stage crusher with contactor to roller crusher. The main shaft motor of the single-stage crusher of the roller crusher is controlled to achieve forward and reverse rotation, and the thermal relay compound crusher, compound crusher, ultrafine crusher is used for overload protection. Cooling machinery equipment series single-stage electric motor crusher. The capacity is the ultra-fine crusher. The spindle motor of the pendulum feeder, the spindle motor of the ultra-fine crusher, and the spindle motor of the roller crusher, are switched on and off by the electromagnetic vibration feeder of the compound crusher. The pendulum feeder controls its start and stop according to the demand. Type crusher.

   Control circuit analysis. Spindle motor single-stage crusher pendulum feeder control when starting, press the start button, compound crusher, compound crusher, ultra-fine crusher, energize the coil of the roll crusher single-stage crusher pendulum feeder And self-locking, the normally open main contact of the roller crusher single-stage crusher pendulum feeder is closed and the single-stage crusher pendulum feeder starts to rotate under full pressure. At the same time, the normally open auxiliary contact of the single-stage crusher pendulum feeder of the roller crusher is closed, and the indicator light for the mining machinery equipment series L electromagnetic vibrating feeder is on, indicating that the spindle motor single-stage crusher pendulum feeder It has been started, and the gear mechanical equipment series are driven to send out pressure oil. At this time, the spindle operation handle can be operated to control the spindle speed, forward rotation, and reverse rotation. Rocker arm lifting and rocker arm relaxation and clamping control.

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