Vibrator Feeder

Motor Power 20kw-100kw,Based on equipment moudel.
Capacity 500-3000kg, Based on equipment moudle.
Function Compressing and baling solid waste

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The vibrating feeder is mainly composed of a vibrating frame, a spring, a vibrator, a motor vibration frame, and a motor. The exciter is composed of two eccentric shafts meshing with gears. The two eccentric shafts must be meshed according to the mark during assembly. The two eccentric shafts are driven by a motor to rotate, thereby generating a huge linear excitation force to make the body Forced vibration is made on the support spring, and the material is driven by this vibration, sliding and throwing on the trough, so that the material moves forward to achieve the feeding purpose. When the material passes through the thin strip on the tank, the smaller material can fall through the gland between the sieve strips without going through the next crushing process, which has the effect of dividing.

1. Design based on the principle of eccentric shaft vibration to generate exciting force.
2. Stable vibration, continuous and uniform feeding, realizing balanced production on the production line.
3. While feeding, the fine material can be pre-screened to improve the crushing efficiency.
4. The structural design with adjustable screen bar gap can effectively prevent material blockage.
5. A speed-regulating motor can be optionally installed. By adjusting the frequency, it is easy to control the feeding amount without frequent starting of the motor.
6. Low noise during the working process, which is conducive to improving the working environment.
7. High efficiency, large feeding capacity, convenient installation and maintenance, and low operating cost.

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