Wheeled Mobile Crushing/Screening Station Series

Motor Power 20kw-100kw,Based on equipment moudel.
Capacity 500-3000kg, Based on equipment moudle.
Function Compressing and baling solid waste

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1. Integrated complete unit: Eliminates the complicated site infrastructure and auxiliary facilities installation operations of split components, reduces the consumption of materials and man-hours, and saves site and space to the greatest extent.
2. Reduce the cost of material transportation: directly enter the mining site for operations, eliminating the intermediate links of material transportation and leaving the site, crushing and processing, and reducing the cost of material transportation.
3. Strong adaptability. Flexible configuration: It can be configured according to the different requirements of users. The coarse ore and fine crushing and screening system can be used for single unit independent operation or multi-group combined operation.
4. Equipped with an independent power generation system: a generator set can be configured, and it can work normally in remote areas where power is not available.

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