5X High Efficiency Impact Sand Making Machine

Motor Power 20kw-100kw,Based on equipment moudel.
Capacity 500-3000kg, Based on equipment moudle.
Function Compressing and baling solid waste

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  1. Large feed size and high output

The maximum feed particle size can reach 1600mm, the crushing ratio is high, and the single machine can produce up to 2500 tons per hour. The design of the crushing cavity conforms to the principle of dynamics. The unique grate-less structure design increases the throughput of materials. It can crush wet materials and solve the traditional hammer The problem of easy clogging and low output.

  2. Low investment, quick return on cost

It can be formed at one time, changing from multi-stage crushing to one-stage crushing, completely realizing the low-cost operation of one crushing and two crushing. The investment of the same output is reduced by about 35% compared with jaw crushing. The model conforms to the standards of construction.

  3, super abrasion resistant rotor

The rotor disk wear-resistant retainer technology overcomes the traditional rotor disk's severe wear and the troublesome manual surfacing of the wear-resistant layer. The wear-resistant retainer is fixed to the rotor disk through a pin circlip, which is wear-resistant and easy to replace. The hammer disc is designed with eight-way hammer shaft holes and four-way standby. The hammer shaft holes are embedded with alloy steel shaft sleeves, which greatly extend the service life of the rotor disc.

  4, the structure is more reasonable

The back of the crusher adopts a ribbed structure, the rotor and hammer head can rotate 360, the weight of a single toilet is the largest, the diameter of the rotor disc is large, the speed is reasonable, and it can resist the strong impact of large materials. The casing is firm and never deforms. The size is adjustable. After the optimized design of the lower casing, the traditional hammer-breaking grate bar controls the discharging particle size, reducing the wear of the hammer in the crushing cavity, and increasing the life of the shop by 3-5 times, which is more energy-saving and more efficient. .


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